• Gossen Metrawatt
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  • Camille Bauer

Technical Features

Item number M246S
Product details page Details
Chapter01 Display
Indication Analogue/digital
Indication digits 3100
Analogue bar graph display x
Analogue bar graph display analogue/logarithmical
Multiple display
Measuring range selection Manual/automatic
Chapter02 Basic data
Type of measurement TRMS
True RMS measurement x
Basic accuracy 0.5%
Measuring circuit category CAT III
Max. voltage measuring circuit category 300V
Relative value measurement x
Min. value storage x
Maximum value storage x
Peak value memory
Data hold x
Explosion-tested version
Power and energy measurement
Harmonics analysis/power quality
Crest factor measurement
Rotational speed measuring
Duty cycle measurements
Pulse freqency measurement MHz @ 5V TTL
Inductance measurement
Interturn short-circuit high-voltage test
Automatic circuit breaker
Chapter04 Voltage measurement
Voltage measurement types DC
AC Fil
With decibel measurement (dB)
Voltage measuring range DC 0.0001V - 600V
Voltage measuring ranges DC 300 mV
3 V
30 V
300 V
600 V
Max. voltage measuring range, DC 600V
Lowest resolution, DC voltage 0.1 mV
Internal resistance volt DC 9
Voltage measuring range AC 0.0001V - 600V
Voltage measuring ranges AC 300 mV
3 V
30 V
300 V
600 V
Max. voltage measuring range, AC 600V
Lowest resolution, AC voltage 0.1 mV
Frequency range volt AC 15Hz - 10000Hz
Internal resistance volt AC 9
Low-pass filter AC voltage (fc) 0.2kHz
Voltage measuring range AC+DC 0.0001V - 1000V
Voltage measuring ranges AC+DC 300 mV
3 V
30 V
300 V
600 V
Max. voltage measuring range, AC+DC 600V
Lowest resolution volt AC+DC 0.1mV
Internal resistance volt AC+DC 9
Frequency range volt AC+DC 10kHz
Chapter05 Current measurement
Current measurement types DC
Current measurement range DC 0,0000001A - 1A
Current measuring ranges DC 300 �A
3 mA
30 mA
300 mA
1:00 AM
Max. current measuring range, DC 1A
Lowest resolution, DC current 0.1 µA
Current measurement range AC 0,0000001A - 1A
Current measuring ranges AC 300 �A
3 mA
30 mA
300 mA
1:00 AM
Max. current measuring range, AC 1A
Lowest resolution, AC current 0.1 µA
Frequency range alternating current 15Hz - 10000Hz
Current measurement range AC+DC 0,0000001A - 1A
Current measuring ranges AC+DC 300 �A
3 mA
30 mA
300 mA
1:00 AM
Max. current measuring range AC + DC 1A
Lowest resolution amps AC+DC 0.0001mA
Frequency range amps AC+DC 10kHz
Current sensor with clipping x
Current measuring range with current sensors 0.0001A - 30000A
Clip factors 01:01
Chapter06 Resistance measurement
Milliohm measurement with 4 wire technique (Kelvin connection)
Resistance test/diode test x
Continuity test x
Conductivity measurement
Resistance measurement range 0.01Ohm - 30000000Ohm
Resistance measurement ranges 300
3 k
30 k
300 k
3 M
30 m
Max. resistance measuring range 30MOhm
Lowest resolution, resistance 0.01 Ohm
Chapter07 Insulation resistance measurement
Isolation resistance measuring range 0.005MOhm - 310MOhm
Nominal test voltage 10 V x
Nominal test voltage 50 V
Nominal test voltage 100 V x
Nominal test voltage 250 V
Nominal test voltage 500 V
Nominal test voltage 1000 V
Chapter08 Capacitance measurement
Capacitance measurement x
Capacitance measuring range 0,00001µF - 300µF
Capacitance measurement ranges 30 nF
300 nF
3 �F
30 �F
300 �F
Max. capacitance measuring range 300µF
Lowest resolution, capacitance 0.00001 µF
Cable length measurement x
Cable symmetry testing for two wire connections a-b-E x
Chapter09 Frequency measurement
Frequency measurement x
Measuring range for frequency 0.0001kHz - 300kHz
Max. frequency measuring range 300kHz
Lowest resolution, frequency 0.1 Hz
Chapter10 Temperature measurement
Temperature measurement x
Temperature measurement TC
Temperature measurement RTD x
Temperature measuring range RTD -200°C - 850°C
Max. temperature measuring range 850°C
Lowest resolution, temperature 0.1 °C
Chapter11 Interface and memory
Interface x
Bluetooth interface
IR interface x
Measured value memory x
Memory capacity for measured values 15400
Chapter12 Miscellaneous
Power supply unit socket x
Device protection category IP 54