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  • Camille Bauer

Technical Features

Item number M227F M210A M227G
Product details page Details Details Details
Chapter01 Display Display Display
Indication Digital Digital Digital
Indication digits 30000 2000 30000
Analogue bar graph display
Analogue bar graph display analogue/logarithmical
Multiple display x x x
Measuring range selection Manual/automatic Automatic Manual/automatic
Chapter02 Basic data Basic data Basic data
True RMS measurement x
Basic accuracy 1% 1% 1%
Measuring circuit category CAT I CAT IV CAT I
Max. voltage measuring circuit category 50V 1000V 50V
Relative value measurement x x
Min. value storage
Maximum value storage x
Peak value memory
Data hold x x x
Chapter03 Special functions Special functions Special functions
Explosion-tested version x x x
Power and energy measurement
Harmonics analysis/power quality
Crest factor measurement
Rotational speed measuring
Duty cycle measurements
Pulse freqency measurement MHz @ 5V TTL
Inductance measurement
Interturn short-circuit high-voltage test
Automatic circuit breaker
With decibel measurement (dB)
Current sensor with clipping
Current transformer with clipping
Chapter06 Resistance measurement Resistance measurement Resistance measurement
Milliohm measurement with 4 wire technique (Kelvin connection) x x
Resistance test/diode test x
Continuity test x
Conductivity measurement
Resistance measurement range 0,00001Ohm - 30Ohm 0.1Ohm - 20000000Ohm 0,00001Ohm - 30Ohm
Resistance measurement ranges 30 m
300 m
20 k
200 k
2000 k
2 M
20 M
30 m
300 m
Max. resistance measuring range 0,00003MOhm 20MOhm 0,00003MOhm
Lowest resolution, resistance Other 0.1 Ohm Other
Lowest resolution, milliohm measurement 0.01mOhm 0.01mOhm
Nominal test voltage 10 V
Nominal test voltage 50 V
Nominal test voltage 100 V
Nominal test voltage 250 V
Nominal test voltage 500 V
Nominal test voltage 1000 V
Capacitance measurement
Cable length measurement
Cable symmetry testing for two wire connections a-b-E
Frequency measurement x
Temperature measurement
Temperature measurement TC
Temperature measurement RTD
Chapter11 Interface and memory Interface and memory Interface and memory
Interface x x
Bluetooth interface
IR interface x x
Measured value memory x x
Memory capacity for measured values 1200 1200
Chapter12 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Power supply unit socket x
Device protection category IP 54 IP 54 IP 54
Type of measurement TRMS
Chapter04 Voltage measurement
Voltage measurement types DC
Voltage measuring range DC 0.001V - 1610V
Voltage measuring ranges DC 1 V
10 V
100 V
1000 V
Max. voltage measuring range, DC 1610V
Lowest resolution, DC voltage 1 mV
Internal resistance volt DC 2
Voltage measuring range AC 0.01V - 1160V
Voltage measuring ranges AC 1 V
10 V
100 V
1000 V
Max. voltage measuring range, AC 1160V
Lowest resolution, AC voltage 10 mV
Frequency range volt AC 0Hz - 500Hz
Internal resistance volt AC 2
Chapter05 Current measurement
Current measurement types DC
Current measurement range DC 0.001A - 2A
Current measuring ranges DC 1:00 AM
2:00 AM
Max. current measuring range, DC 2A
Lowest resolution, DC current 1000 µA
Current measurement range AC 0.001A - 2A
Current measuring ranges AC 1:00 AM
2:00 AM
Max. current measuring range, AC 2A
Lowest resolution, AC current 1000 µA
Frequency range alternating current 0Hz - 500Hz
Chapter07 Insulation resistance measurement
Chapter08 Capacitance measurement
Chapter09 Frequency measurement
Measuring range for frequency 0.0001kHz - 10kHz
Max. frequency measuring range 10kHz
Lowest resolution, frequency 0.1 Hz
Chapter10 Temperature measurement