• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Gossen
  • Camille Bauer

Technical Features

Item number M708D M693E M708B M708C
Product details page Details Details Details Details
Test sequences per VDE 0544-4 (welding equipment) x x x
Relocation management for site data (moving test objects) x x x x
HTML report x x x
Test sequences per IEC/EN 62353 (medical devices) x x x x
Data transmission to PC via BT/USB x
Supply voltage 90 - 250 115 - 230 90 - 250 90 - 250
Test sequences for testing PRCDs x x x
Documentation software x x x x
Extension for testing and managing medical devices x x x
Test sequences per IEC 60601 (medical devices)
Printer Connection USB-A USB-A USB-A
Indication Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic
Automatic test sequence x x x x
Limit value indication x x x x
Measured value memory x x x x
Deadlines management Optional Yes Optional Yes
Active testing x x x x
Passive testing x x x x
Protective ground resistance measuring range 0Ohm - 30Ohm 0.001Ohm - 2.1Ohm 0Ohm - 30Ohm 0Ohm - 30Ohm
Isolation resistance measuring range 0.01MOhm - 300MOhm 0.001MOhm - 310MOhm 0.01MOhm - 300MOhm 0.01MOhm - 300MOhm
Protective conductor current x x x x
Contact current x x x x
Differential current method x x x x
Direct method x x x x
Alternative method x x x x
Consumption current measurement x x x x
Power measuring x x x x
Voltage measurement x x x x
Connection for external measuring adapter x x x x
Testing of enlarging conduits x x x x
Testing with 2 probes Yes Optional Yes Yes
Interface x x x x
Printer connection x x x
Printer integrated
Suitable for use by an instructed person x x x x
Connection detection x x x x
Description of RFID x x
DAkkS calibration certificate x x x x
Printing barcodes x x x
Import of data Yes No Yes Yes
Integrated rubber protection x x x
Measurement of time to trip of (P)RCDs x x x
Save measurement series x x x
Test current 10A x x x x
remote compatible Yes No Yes Yes
Safety class detection x x x x
Management of location data Optional No Optional Yes
Programmable test sequences Yes No Yes Yes
Frequency of supply voltage 50 - 400 50 - 60 50 - 400 50 - 400
Type of interface RS-232
High-voltage test 500V - 4000V