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EM204: Services> 10 MW

The U1500 only allows inputs up to 10 MW. What happens if the customer has higher maxima?

The system can also be modified for power greater than 10 MW. You can find more information here.

Upgrading to Larger Maxima, Resolution, Accuracy: In the controller, the power setpoints are treated as 16-bit unsigned values ​​and the work calculations are continuously handled as 32-bit values. The PC input surfaces for the setpoints are basically 32-bit values. The standard software of the U1500 can manage setpoints from 1 to 11900 kW, whereby the resolution at the setpoint input here is 1 kW and the internal system resolution of the work calculation (the system converts the setpoints into the maximum available work in one measurement period and then manages the work allocation for the individual equipment) 1 kWs * 100, ie is a kilowatt-hundredth second. If a customer wants to cover higher setpoints, we switch the resolution to the second "setpoint range" via a Define in the control program and in the user interface. This extends from 11900 kW to 119000 kW, i. 119 MW. The resolution at the set point input is then 10 kW (0.01 MW) and the working resolution is 1 kWs * 10, i. a kilowatt-tenth of a second. By the same method, there is a third "set point range" of 119000 kW to 1190000 kW, i. 1190 MW possible, where the resolution at the set point input is 100 kW (0.1 MW) and the internal working resolution is 1 kWs, i. one kilowatt second. Depending on the factory-set resolution, the specification of the setpoints in the PC interface is limited to 11900, 119000 or 1190000 kW (default is 11900 kW). These limits have a safety margin of 100%, so that maximum power measurements up to twice the setpoint limit without memory overflow are possible. If the transformer factor and pulse value are below a certain characteristic (usual conditions), the fourfold maximum power measurement in the individual setpoint ranges is possible.