• Gossen Metrawatt
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  • Camille Bauer

EM201: Analog outputs

Does the system have analogue outputs, for example for the online control of smelting furnaces in the aluminum industry, for the maximum-controlled regulation of self-generators or for remote displays?

By default, no analog outputs are integrated. However, this feature is available at extra cost.

The optimization computers U1500 have no analog output factory-integrated. For this we use special modules (BS312) with two analogue outputs 0 (4) to 20 mA, which are connected to the bus interface of the central micro-systems U1500 A0 (here we do not drive our system bus protocol = A-bus) but a slightly modified protocol (P-Bus, also RS485). In decentralized systems (optimization computer U1500 A1), the analog output modules can be connected to the COM1 interface of the system extension U1500 A2 (which in this case is factory-set as P-bus interface). The output modules BS312 serve e.g. for analog, maximum-controlled control of own generators or for remote display of optimization variables such as correction power, remaining time, current average value, current instantaneous power, etc. The values ​​to be displayed are usually factory-configured and scaled according to customer requirements.