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Metraline RCD/CHECK

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Item number: M507B

RCD test instrument

Measuring instrument for testing the characteristics of RCCBs.

In particular, this involves the measurement of touch voltage, breaking time and breaking current for type A, AC, and S RCCBs, as well as type F mixed frequency RCDs as of recently.

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Product Highlights

  • Digital display, backlit color OLED display
  • LED for measurement point illumination
  • Patented test probe retainer
  • Compact and rugged – for service calls under harsh conditions and laboratory use
  • Technical characteristics

    Testing of residual current devices (RCCBs)

    • Measurement of touch voltage without tripping the RCCB. Touch voltage is measured with reference to nominal residual current using ⅓ of the nominal residual current value.
    • Tripping test with nominal residual current, measurement of time to trip

    Special tests for systems and RCDs

    • Testing of systems and RCDs with rising residual current including indication of tripping current
    • Testing of RCDs, I?N = 10, 30, 100, 300 und 500 mA
    • Testing of RCCBs with ½ N, 1?N, 2?N, 5?N up to100 mA nominal current
    • Testing of RCDs with half-waves (pulsating direct current) for determining time to trip and tripping current

    Testing of special RCDs

    • Selective , type AC, type A

    Measurement of line voltage and fault loop impedance

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