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Item number: M560A

Installation board – “service line with main ground bus” – for fault simulation for testing the effectiveness of protective measures for measurements in accordance with IEC 60364.6 and EN 50110 (DIN VDE 0100-600, 0105-100)

The installation board functions as a compact building service line with main grounding busbar for consumer systems including a fault simulator.
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In combination with appropriate measuring and test instruments (as PROFITEST Master / INTRO Series), all measurements and tests can be performed; that are required for safety testing of electrical systems with up to 500 V including various types of networks and safety devices.

Product Highlights


  • Simulation of a building service line with main fuse
  • Simulation of external and internal lightning protection
  • Implementation of various mains systems (TT, TN)
  • Main grounding busbar with all important equipotential bonding cables and earth strips
  • Single and double fault circuit
  • Simulation of faults via switches
  • Lockable fault switching panel
  • Console-like housing
  • Can be used as a benchtop device or in an experimentation frame
  • Transport case (Option)

Target group - Training personnel (electricians)

  • Teachers, Trainers, Instructors, Laboratory supervisors

Target group - Learners

  • Trainees, Students, Apprentices


It’s used primarily for training and project work covering all aspects of “testing systems in accordance with IEC 60364-6 / DIN VDE 0100-600”.

  • Technical characteristics
    • Low-resistance measurements at equipotential bonding conductors
    • Insulation resistance measurements
    • Measurements for testing RCDs
    • Loop impedance measurement
    • Earthing resistance measurements
    • Line voltage measurements

    The PROFiSIM 1 board is equipped with all of the necessary modules of a building supply line including an extended main ground bus for the implementation of testing and fault options.


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