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METRAPhase 1

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Item number: M620A

Phase Sequence Indicator

Phase sequence indicator with electronic rotary dial, frequency display and line voltage indicator.

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Phase sequence indicator in compliance with safety regulations.

Many users prefer the Ferraris type rotary dial which, however, requires a mechanical movement. The size of the movement necessitates the use of a relatively large housing in order to assure that the required clearances and creepage distances are adhered to.

For this reason, we have equipped our new METRAPHASE 1 phase sequence indicator with an electronic rotary dial.

LEDs arranged in a circular array not only indicate the direction of rotation, but rather line frequency as well by means of LEDs which light up in various colors. The presence of voltage at each phase is indicated with additional LEDs as required by the regulation, as well as nominal line voltage. This new phase sequence indicator can be used as a 3-pole or a 2-pole indicator.

Power supply: 4 ea. mignon cell per IEC LR 6


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