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Item number: U1603

Mini-Summator, 6 Inputs, LON

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The U1603 mini-summator is used as a PC adapter or a LON interface for the ECS LAN, and is not equipped with its own display or control elements. Inputs and outputs expand the mini-summator to include data logging and optimization functions.

All relevant energy and power consumption data are acquired by 64 processing channels over defined periods of time at a programmable interval, and are stored to memory as load profiles along with corresponding maximum values.

Beyond this, the U1603 mini-summator is capable of processing analog or pulse signals with six configurable, universal input channels. The U1603 is equipped with two floating analog outputs, four MOS switches and two relays (changeover contacts) for the control of external processes.

Up to 63 U168X electrical energy meters can be connected to the U1603 mini-summator via the electrically isolated LON interface.

Converters can be used for digital and analog input signals.

Two RS 232 interfaces (115kBit/s) allow for communication with external devices such as PC, report printer, modem or radio controlled clock for system time synchronization. Parameters configuration and data analysis are accomplished at the PC with ECSwin.

Summators can be interconnected over great distances with the multi-master compatible ESC LAN which assures unrestricted access to all network user data. Thanks to integrated high level intelligence and the customized ECL programming language, the summator is also suitable for customer-specific, decentralized solutions as a data logging, monitoring and optimization device.

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Made in Germany


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