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Item number: U300C

Multifunctional Data Logger for a Wide Variety of Media

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The multitalented SMARTCONTROL expands the Energy Control System (ECS), which is widespread in industry and building technology. It unites logging of energy and consumption data for a wide variety of media with peak load optimization, control functions and error message management. And thus it’s not only possible to monitor consumption, it can be influenced as well. Valuable resources can be used more efficiently, energy costs can be lastingly reduced and opportunities provided by modern energy management can be fully exploited.


  • Acquisition of energy and consumption data, temperatures, switching statuses and process quantities
  • Error message management, continuous comparison of characteristic values and indication of errors via switching output, e-mail or SMS
  • Peak load management in combination with switching outputs
  • Timer programs and switching of relays after the occurrence of predefined events
  • Calculation of mean values and integrals, as well as heat and cold quantities

Versatile data collector:

  • Meter readings (electrical power, gas, water, heat etc.)
  • Temperatures (outside, inside, inlet and return temperature, etc.)
  • Statuses (burner and pump on-times etc.)
  • Analog signals (signal converters, measuring transducers etc.)
  • Data from bus-compatible measuring instruments and energy meters

  • Technical characteristics
    • Custom tailored scope of functions thanks to modular concept
    • Manufacturer independent connection of data sources via analog and digital or S0 pulse and temperature inputs, as well as universal M-Bus, LON and Modbus interfaces
    • Use of LON interfaces without binding or special knowledge
    • Synchronized meter reading using the FREEZE command with M-Bus and LON
    • Flexible control of processes via analog and switching outputs
    • Integration into existing infrastructures via Ethernet TCP/IP or optional socket modules for analog telephone lines, ISDN, GSM/GPRS or Bluetooth
    • Inexpensive creation of networks with standard components
    • Easy data exchange via Windows DLL
    • Exact time with deviation of less than 1 minute per month, automatic synchronization via time server
    • SMARTCONTROL manager for simple configuration included
    • Internal 2 MB flash memory can be expanded with microSD card
    • Transfer of data and settings to microSD card
    • 3 year guarantee
    • Made in Germany

    New in version 3, article no. U300 ...

    • Space-saving installation thanks to integrated slot for M-Bus level converter
    • MicroSD card slot (max. 2 GB) on-board as standard equipment
    • Fast storage and retrieval cycles thanks to additional, battery-backed RAM
    • Modbus TCP variants make it possible to network several SMARTCONTROL master/slave functions
    • Up to 250 devices can be connected via Modbus
    • H-rail mounting kit
    • In brief: easy display of trends or actual values via smartphone app

    Standard Models

    Type Designation Article No.

    SMARTCONTROL Standard version, 12 to 24 V DC auxiliary power, Ethernet crossover cable, screwdriver, installation instructions, manual and SMARTCONTROL manager on CD U300A

    SMARTCONTROL IP65 / 24 V DC IP 65 control cabinet version with built-in 24 V DC power pack, Ethernet crossover cable, screwdriver, installation instructions, manual und SMARTCONTROL manager on CD U300C

    SMARTCONTROL with IO24 Same as standard version but additionally with input/output module for 24 channels U300D

    SMARTCONTROL with LON Same as standard version but additionally with interface module for LON U300E

    SMARTCONTROL with IO24+LON Same as standard version but additionally with input/output module for 24 digital channels and interface module for LON U300F

    SMARTCONTROL with Modbus TCP Same as standard version but additionally with interface module for Modbus TCP U300G

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