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TRMS multimeter for use in Hygienically Sensitive Environments

GMC-I Messtechnik with the brand GOSSEN METRAWATT, provider of measuring and testing technology, introduces the M687B SECULIFE HIT MD, a TRMS multimeter specially developed for all hygienically sensitive areas.

In such applications, a safe surface disinfection must be carried out due to special infectiological and hygienic risks. When introducing test equipment into these areas, special attention must be paid to the rules of hygiene in order to minimize as far as possible all hygiene risks posed by the equipment. This corresponds to the specifications for the operators of medical facilities.

The particular suitability of the SECULIFE HIT MD for these areas is confirmed by a positive hygiene report and a recommendation of the Institute for Hygiene of the University of Gießen-Marburg. The tests were conducted on the basis of the specifications of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM) and the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH). The possibility of safe disinfection of the SECULIFE HIT MD has been tested and confirmed. In addition to medical institutions, all production and research companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries place very high demands on hygiene, which the multimeter can meet.

In medical technology, the testing and measuring of measuring devices demands the highest reliability and a wide range of possible applications. For these requirements, the SECULIFE HIT MD was tailor-made: Due to the intuitive and comfortable operation as well as the included scope of functions, it is the ideal device for testing, service, training and production in the field of medical technology. Electrical values ​​of medical devices are determined with high precision. The SECULIFE HIT MD has a TRMS AC and AC + DC function. The capacitance and resistance measurement, the continuity test and the diode test are part of the functionality of the SECULIFE HIT MD. A 4 MB data memory and automatic data transfer allow the user to measure with high concentration and save the measured values ​​directly without any loss of time. The patented ABS lock (automatic socket lock) prevents incorrect operation. All current measuring ranges are routed confusingly over a single socket. The ABS also prevents the wrong connection of the test leads.

Reviewing medical devices often requires accurate measurement of control signals and adjustment of electronic characteristics, either with digital display for fixed values ​​or analog display for dynamic measurement. The SECULIFE HIT MD has both. On the illuminated display, large numbers facilitate the reading. The applied measuring method enables the TRMS AC and AC + DC independent of the curve shape for voltage and current up to 20 kHz. The measured variables are selected with rotary switch and function key. The measuring range is automatically adapted to the measured value. The input signal is examined for contact hazard irrespective of the selected input function or filter. The measuring range can be manually adjusted and fixed with a button.

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