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Energy MIDs - Exact energy detection with direct connection

Gossen Metrawatt now also offers its compact, high-performance energy meter ENERGYMID in two variants with direct connection.

Both models do not require an external current and voltage transformer and thus save space and costs. The measuring technology specialist is now introducing the new counter model EM 2281 for direct-measuring energy acquisition in 2-wire alternating current systems with 230 V voltage. The new energy meter EM 2289 is for 4-wire three-phase systems with Amperage up to 80 A and an input voltage of 400 V designed.


Like all models of the new meter generation, the direct-measuring models EM2281 and EM2289 are also MID-calibrated and set billable consumption and feed data for cost center billing. Its functionality, which is unique in the market, includes up to 33 additional measured variables in addition to the power consumption, depending on the selected device version.


For example, reactive energy, apparent power, neutral current, power factor and frequency as well as the energy supply can be recorded and the network quality can be additionally monitored by means of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). For measured value transmission via pulse, various standardized and freely programmable outputs are available.


For flexible network integration and remote reading, the manufacturer also optionally equips the meters with interfaces for M-Bus, LON, BACnet and Modbus RTU / TCP. The new generation of meters is extremely compact with just 4 dividing units and can be mounted on 35 mm DIN rails in any mounting position in the control cabinet. A backlit display clearly and clearly displays the selected measurement data, simplifies the monitoring of the connection parameters and warns about color changes Phase failure, overload and installation errors.


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