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Consumption recording with ENERGYSENS

Energy, power, current, voltage and frequency can be measured at individual consuming devices in low-voltage systems with the ENERGYSENS intelligent sensor system.

Often dense assembly and decentralized distribution makes retrofitting with powerful measurement technology more difficult. With ENERGYSENS, the measuring technology specialist Gossen Metrawatt now presents a new modular sensor system for the exact recording of energy consumption according to accuracy class 1 according to DIN EN 60688 or DIN EN 62053-21.

The new measuring system consists of a slim ENERGY EScom base module, only 2 TE wide, and up to 10 highly compact sensor units ENERGY ES, which are available in four variants with 3 or 12 measuring inputs for currents of max. 40 A or 80 A are available. Up to 120 measuring points can be variably connected to each basic module with a connection length of up to 5 m. Thus, the flexibly installable solution is ideally suited for installation in existing power distributions, even in confined spaces.

The easy-to-install system uses 50/60 Hz AC low-voltage systems to determine the true consumption values ​​for active power, energy, current, voltage and frequency. By monitoring the phase load, ENERGYSENS contributes to the preventive maintenance and minimization of down times. The sensor units, which are extremely flat at only 13 mm and mounted on the fuses, pass on the measured RMS values ​​to the base module via the attached ribbon cable. Universal interfaces for Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU ensure fast data transmission in various system environments.

For uncomplicated system integration without programming effort, Gossen Metrawatt provides a free configuration software on its website for download. In addition to the slim design, ENERGYSENS is also characterized by its minimum self-consumption in the market comparison.

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